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Flushing cisterns Product Stress Tests
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Water Efficient Flushing Cisterns

Probably most frequently used toilet flush systems are flushing cisterns. These are separated in two main groups; bowl mounted and suspended. Bowl mounted cisterns are placed on back-top of toilet bowl and are flushed by pushing a button or rotating an arm, all needed is to reach to it by hand and press. Flush act is done inside by a push or pull system in joined with a refill and flush tubes. While inner flush systems are same, usage is different in suspended cisterns. They are flushed by pulling a chained trigger. While a single chain suspended cistern cannot interrupt a flush, bowl mounted models are interruptible with an extra toilet flush button. There are also dual flush cisterns. Interruption and an extra flush option gives user freedom of water saving. Highest quality inlet valves inside of VISAM 's flushing cisterns deliver optimum flush flow and do not leak.

For the concealed models, there is a broad range of flush plates compatible with your bathroom. Since cisterns are concealed in this type, flush plate determines the cosmetic of your toilet flush. From dual flush to interruptible, from matt chrome to white, small or large , you can find any type of flush plate in VISAM 's inventory.

VISAM 's Stress Testing On Products

Visam tests all products to eliminate threat of toilet flush problems. Stressing all units to the limits, give very good margin of time before any toilet flush repair is needed.

Strain and Torque Tests

Backflow Prevention Tests

Static Pressure Test

Dynamic Pressure Test

Entrance Flow Rate Measurement

Inlet Valve Reopening Test

Crushing Water Test

Measurement of Resistence Against Pressure

Durability Tests

There are various acoustic tests done to keep the toilet flush quiet.

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